Dartmouth in Devon, what a beautiful place, I have been to Dartmouth many times and yes it is very very beautiful even in the winter. There’s always something going on, and the scenery is stunning, it really is a lovely place.

As I said I have been there many times and it truly is one of Devon’s most beautiful towns. Because of its naval history and the castle and the marinas and the river dart self, it is a beautiful place to stay for a holiday in spring or summer or even winter.

I have often thought about buying a property in Dartmouth, but have never got around to doing so. The last time I was there I looked at a very nice one bedroom flat across the river in Kingswear. It was only £165,000 which is not a lot of money for a property in Dartmouth. It was a beautiful little flat that overlooked the river Dart, in that lovely little village of Kingswear. I know friends who live actually in the same block as this flat and they love it. They go down a lot just to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. It is a beautiful little bolthole, it is a great as a place to get away to and away from work and all the stresses of everyday life.

I haven’t looked online to see if that lovely little flat has been sold, because I thought I really wanted to get it but didn’t have enough money at the time. Maybe it hasn’t been sold yet, but I haven’t got enough money now anyway 🙂

I must admit, and as you can see from the tone of this post, I do love Dartmouth and would love to live there one day, there is so much happening all year round even though it is a Devon holiday town so much goes on.


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Isn’t Brighton a lovely place to visit, I have spent many wonderful hours in Brighton, it is a very unique place full of culture, nice eating places, nice bars and a fantastic pier to go onto and enjoy.

My most recent trip to Brighton involved staying at the artists residence hotel which was fabulous, very quirky but very welcoming with an amazing breakfast we had the next morning. It was during a festival period in Brighton that we were there and Brighton was quite alive with music and comedy.

I really do enjoy the pier at Brighton because it actually has a very nice restaurant in the middle of it and the pier itself is very nice. And very British, so I walk along the pier is a great thing to do follow by lovely lunch and a beer or two. We also managed to force an ice cream down which was lovely.

We made very good use of our disabled stickers while parking the car, and drove around looking at the wonderful sites of Brighton we also found an amazing collection of antique shops which we enjoyed also.

Just a quick addition to the hotel I mentioned above, it was great and although the room seemed small at first, it was great , with a stunning mural on the wall.


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Garden projects – fountain

One project I took on which was something I really wanted to do because I knew it would give people pleasure in the garden was to build a water Fountain. You can buy these from your local stores but they are very expensive and some of them are quite boring so I wanted to create something that was a little different. I found a large earthenware pot in a garden that was owned by one of the family and they let me take it it was about 3 feet high and was a beautiful piece that was not being used.

I then purchased a Fountain which clearly needed electrical power to make it work so I had to be very careful because electrical products and water don’t always mix so I do a lot of reading up to understand how this would work. Making the Fountain work itself was quite simple the issue I had was getting the fountain into the earthenware pot and ceiling it so it wouldn’t lose water but the water would come over the sides of the pot at the top to make a lovely waterfall sound.

I did complete the project and it looked fantastic and worked really well. Because it was a unique project nobody else had one like this and it was a thing of beauty I think :-).

Projects like these in the garden are fun to do and can involve members of the family to help you. And because it doesn’t involve anything in the house you can sometimes take your time and do them properly without too much pressure from other family members.

I really enjoyed doing this piece of work because it worked very well it looks good and made a big impression on people who came into the garden.


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House projects

House projects are very important to your very soul and heart warming, to be able to improve your home is a great thing to do.

Here is a list to consider;

  1. Clean carpets
  2. Clean all house professionally
  3. Install a built in vacuum
  4. Install shelves
  5. Build a storage area
  6. Recover a chair
  7. Repaint living room
  8. Repaint kitchen
  9. Landscape garden
  10. Wash windows

Here is a good link for ideas from Home Depot

There really are so many things to do to your pride and joy, your lovely home. Give it some thought and go improve your living space, it is very theraputic. So will not only help feel better but it will make everyone feel better.

And here some DIY Project YouTubebe videos to inspire you.





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Double glazing

The glazing of your house is so important, it can make it look amazing and also save you a lot of money. So it is important to choose the right look and the right protection from the weather.

There are so many different double and even triple glazing styles, companies who provide the service and prices, you have to be very careful to choose the right glazier. Always choose wisely and take your time as double glazing is very expensive, it will run into thousand’s, maybe tens of thousands.

So shop around, shop local and national, these glaziers want your business, so will go all out to win it.



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DIY – Do it yourself

I have got to love DIY, it is so satisfying and rewarding and also saves you money, so get involved, it isn’t that difficult. And if you have friends who understand DIY or even better are professionals, then barter, you may be good at IT, so use your skills to help them. This is a great way to get things done on the cheap.

I find windows, mirrors, glass doors a lovely way to enhance your home, so if you have a friendly glazier, then bingo, you are in, they can produce amazing bespoke pieces of mirror to enhance tour home or coloured glass for the kitchen. Beautiful things to help you and you can do your IT thing or paint or plumb or whatever you do to help them.

Barter, bargain or pay for it, but there is always a way to get things done at home. My local glazier is a friend, I help with his IT and I find a lot of trades people are not IT literate, so bingo again, I am, so I help him and he does amazing things for me with glass and mirrors. I have to mention his website as he is great; MaidstoneGlass247.co.uk.


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