Isn’t Brighton a lovely place to visit, I have spent many wonderful hours in Brighton, it is a very unique place full of culture, nice eating places, nice bars and a fantastic pier to go onto and enjoy.

My most recent trip to Brighton involved staying at the artists residence hotel which was fabulous, very quirky but very welcoming with an amazing breakfast we had the next morning. It was during a festival period in Brighton that we were there and Brighton was quite alive with music and comedy.

I really do enjoy the pier at Brighton because it actually has a very nice restaurant in the middle of it and the pier itself is very nice. And very British, so I walk along the pier is a great thing to do follow by lovely lunch and a beer or two. We also managed to force an ice cream down which was lovely.

We made very good use of our disabled stickers while parking the car, and drove around looking at the wonderful sites of Brighton we also found an amazing collection of antique shops which we enjoyed also.

Just a quick addition to the hotel I mentioned above, it was great and although the room seemed small at first, it was great , with a stunning mural on the wall.


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