Dartmouth in Devon, what a beautiful place, I have been to Dartmouth many times and yes it is very very beautiful even in the winter. There’s always something going on, and the scenery is stunning, it really is a lovely place.

As I said I have been there many times and it truly is one of Devon’s most beautiful towns. Because of its naval history and the castle and the marinas and the river dart self, it is a beautiful place to stay for a holiday in spring or summer or even winter.

I have often thought about buying a property in Dartmouth, but have never got around to doing so. The last time I was there I looked at a very nice one bedroom flat across the river in Kingswear. It was only £165,000 which is not a lot of money for a property in Dartmouth. It was a beautiful little flat that overlooked the river Dart, in that lovely little village of Kingswear. I know friends who live actually in the same block as this flat and they love it. They go down a lot just to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. It is a beautiful little bolthole, it is a great as a place to get away to and away from work and all the stresses of everyday life.

I haven’t looked online to see if that lovely little flat has been sold, because I thought I really wanted to get it but didn’t have enough money at the time. Maybe it hasn’t been sold yet, but I haven’t got enough money now anyway 🙂

I must admit, and as you can see from the tone of this post, I do love Dartmouth and would love to live there one day, there is so much happening all year round even though it is a Devon holiday town so much goes on.


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