Garden projects – fountain

One project I took on which was something I really wanted to do because I knew it would give people pleasure in the garden was to build a water Fountain. You can buy these from your local stores but they are very expensive and some of them are quite boring so I wanted to create something that was a little different. I found a large earthenware pot in a garden that was owned by one of the family and they let me take it it was about 3 feet high and was a beautiful piece that was not being used.

I then purchased a Fountain which clearly needed electrical power to make it work so I had to be very careful because electrical products and water don’t always mix so I do a lot of reading up to understand how this would work. Making the Fountain work itself was quite simple the issue I had was getting the fountain into the earthenware pot and ceiling it so it wouldn’t lose water but the water would come over the sides of the pot at the top to make a lovely waterfall sound.

I did complete the project and it looked fantastic and worked really well. Because it was a unique project nobody else had one like this and it was a thing of beauty I think :-).

Projects like these in the garden are fun to do and can involve members of the family to help you. And because it doesn’t involve anything in the house you can sometimes take your time and do them properly without too much pressure from other family members.

I really enjoyed doing this piece of work because it worked very well it looks good and made a big impression on people who came into the garden.


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