Hi, I am Darren and I love DIY, not too good at it always but love it.

I do love working on the house and the garden and getting things done at the weekends, it is very enjoyable to start a project on the house and finish it. You can add so much to your property with projects that you can do yourself if you don’t push yourself too much beyond your comfort zone.

Some jobs around the house like electrical or plumbing jobs can be very difficult sometimes dangerous and sometimes you can make things worse rather than better. These situations if you can spot them early, you should really get a professional tradesperson in to help you. Or you could potentially cause a lot of damage and in my experience this is easily done. It is far better to use a professional to help you and hopefully learn from what they’ve done or do a lot of reading and research before you start your project.

But if you take on a simple project like some landscaping in the garden or planting or architectural work with fences up brickwork or building a pond or putting up lights in the garden room quite simple things to do very rewarding as well. And you can become a superstar to your family, once they see what you can do to make the house and your home a lovely place to live, inside and outside.

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